Our Curriculum

Our Curriculum Overview

Academic Curriculum: 2-6-6-3- Kenyan National Curriculum

Our academic program emphasizes literacy, numeracy, critical thinking, inquiry, and collaboration. It build- the 2-6-6-3 Kenyan curriculum through interactive learning and exploration, play-based learning, hand activities, and multi-sensory learning. The program connects knowledge and ideas to students’ lives and world around them. Students build strong interpersonal communication skills and learn to use language as art – for creativity, playing, expressing – while also developing critical literacy skills. 

The schools leaders ensure the delivery of accessible, engaging, and relevant curriculam in order to build a sustainable learning environment. Our pedagogy has a strong academic focus while responding to the different learning needs of students. Teachers create a set of planned and purposeful learning experiences, based on intended learning outcomes and organized around the varied development levels of students.

Habits Of Heart, Mind and Action.

Education for the heart

Children flourish when they feel cared for; true learning takes place within circles of care: care for self, care for others, care for the community, and care for the world.

Education for the mind.

As children build competency in their learning areas, they are empowered and gain the confidence and courage to work hard; we build on the natural curiosity of children so they can create a healthy future for themselves.

Education for action

Participation in physical activity and sports are a critical part of children's development healthy bodies contribute to quality academic work healthy children grow up to contribute to a healthy society

How to Apply

Currently we don’t have any online application but as we’re working on it , kindly visit the school admission office to fill in the admission forms.