About Us

About Us

Kencada is a CBC school…with an added approach of Canadian curriculum where we adopt the best educational practices around the world. We let each child metamorph into an individual that can fit in the current world village. Kencada is a place of knowledge and discovery

Our Vision

To empower students to reach their full potential and engage in the modern world through technology with the readily available tools and resources.

Our Mission

Is to educate the whole child by providing distinctive educational experiences that that focus on both academic rigor and hands-on learning.

Our History

KenCada International School was formed by Hemed Mukui of Kenya with Michael McGuire and Anke Jenkins of Canada. Their shared interests brought them together at a school in the Changamwe district of Mombasa. Together they dreamed of a school experience that would connect their two home countries under a common vision: an affordable, innovative, high-quality education.

Hemed Mukui, Managing Director, comes to Ken Cada with over 20 years of education experience as a community leader in Mombasa. He has been the school management committee chairman of numerous schools in Mombasa. As project manager for Nuru Orphanage, he oversaw the development of the charity into a reputable organization. Hemed is affiliated with Port Reiz, and actively engages international groups in their work there. In addition, Hemed has worked alongside the Aga Khan Academy in their summer international student programs.

Michael McGuire, Executive Director and Co-founder of EdVenture Schools Inc., has 28 years of education experience in teaching, curriculum design, leadership, and program development.

KenCada International Academy is a place of knowledge, a school of discovery. We owe children the very best we can give. From this simple premise came numerous discussions that took place over three years and across two continents. Countless hours with a variety of experts and stakeholders have led to what has become KenCada International Academy today: an educational experience for Kenya that honors the best practices in pedagogy from around the world. The result: the creation of a Kenyan school with an international presence that prepares the children of Kenya for the 21st century.